Pavel Lebedev

The business coach and consultant

Visualizations of data, Info graphics, Art of presentation, Public online presentations, Digital marketing, Design intellection

The best Design Speaker of 2017

The best speaker of 2017 according to ConversionConf, DesignConf, TopExpert

№10 in the rating of Digital influence

№10 of the independent rating by the Russian digital

15 years of experience in marketing and advertising

Design and marketing – the main role activities since 2003

TOP40 marketing expert in the Russian Federation

According to the organizers of the Russian Marketing Week 2017


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Clients - the largest IT companies, banks, agencies

688 employees of the largest international companies were trained in 2017

Feedback of my trainings and consultations

You can ask me for contacts of people with whom I worked and ask them personally about the level of coaching  and the results of trainings

Practitioner trainer with the experience of 15 years

Pavel Lebedev

Coach  and Methodologist

Marketing, design and advertising have been my main role activities since 2002.

Managed the web design department of Kaspersky Lab, The creative Director in the department of special projects in Forward Media, Art Director in the international advertising agency Ogilvy.

Was studying in Britanka (British Higher School of Design), Stroganovka (Stroganov State Chemical Institute), ICRA

Was studying design in leading design universities in Russia. also constantly studied at conferences, practical seminars.

Was trained in Germany and Finland

Passed an internship of designing for the design studio in Germany (2008) and at the University of  Design in Finland (2009).

The founder of the community, which consists of 720 000 designers and a portal of

Is developing a design community since 2006. The following companies were our partners: Adobe, Wacom, Gameland, etc.

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The minimum size of the group is 8 people.

Watch Pavel Lebedev’s training of infographics and visualization-data in presentations

Trainings for managers, project managers, analysts and art directors

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Data visualization and info graphics in PowerPoint presentations

We will make your data understandable for 98% of readers in 2 days. Learn how to analyze the data, work with graphs and create a structure for the information delivery,

From 8 to 32 hours

Persuasive presentation: business plan, KP, marketing

We will increase the effectiveness of your presentation, commercial offer, business plan or marketing in 2 days. Learn how to structure the data, mark important lines and hide unnecessary information on the slides, write selling texts.

From 8 to 32 hours

Perfect report: 

how to create reports that save lead time

You will learn how to create understandable reports and save time for your manager. Training for managers and their employees.

From 8 to 16 hours

Public online presentations: how to conduct webinars and speak at the online conferences

Learn how to speak publicly at the conferences, conduct webinars and take online interviews in 2 days.

From 8 to 32 hours

Getting things Done 2020: time management with your Smartphone

Increase your efficiency up to 35-80% in 2 days. Learn how to manage much more things, work  with a focus and achieve goals.

From 8 to 64 hours

Trello: how to manage and remember everything and to be effective

For 1 day, master the tool trello, which will allow you to organize work in the company, organize personal affairs. To all have time and remember everything.

8 hours

Design intellection

Improve the process in the company 1 day. You can create many ideas regardless of the inspiration. You can solve business problems in terms with the benefits for the company and clients.

From 8 to 32 hours

The creative intellection techniques

Learn how to create ideas regardless of the inspiration in 1 day.

From 8 to 16 hours

Mind Mapping: the master of mental maps

Learn how to use mental maps in 1 day: 2 times faster to recap the lectures and to come up with ideas regardless of the inspiration.

8 hours

Digital Art Direction

Learn how to create web-projects in 4 days: from simple web-sites to complex digital campaigns. Master all the popular tools for working in digital.

From 16 to 64 hours

Nano-instruction. How to create clear text documents

Learn how to write and compose clear instructions, manuals and other documents  which will simplify the life of others in 2 days.

From 8 to 16 hours

Mentoring in the company: managers will teach employees to learn

We will show you how to train employees and transfer the knowledge in 2 days. Moreover,  how to grow the team leaders.

From 8 to 16 hours

The fourth-generation teacher

My family has been professionally engaged in teaching since 1927 (more than 90 years) and transfers the best techniques and knowledge about this skill across generations. My great-grandmother was teaching at the St. Petersburg’s State University, my grandmother - at the Herzen Institute, and grandfather - at the Frunze school. My father has been teaching at BSTU Voenmeh, mother - in ITMO (marketing)

I give lectures in leading business schools and universities in Russia

I speak at the largest conferences on marketing and design

Trainings in Moscow, your city or online

There are the following training formats; they differ in the amount of practice

1 day

8 hours of the immersion in the subject. The shortened program. Practice - 30%

2 days

2 lessons with a 1 week break for homework. Practice - 50%. Full program.

4 days

4 lessons for 4 hours a week. A opportunity to consolidate all the knowledge in practice and to introduce the received tools. Practice - 60%

8 days

8 lessons, once a week for 3 hours. Maximum support about the work issues between the classes. But this is more difficult for the time organization between employees. Practice - 70%


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After filling the form, we will contact you to discuss how you can give or get a lecture. Our usual response time is 1-2 hours, however sometimes it could take up to 2 days.

For more than four years I have perfected every slide and every task

How the courses and trainings were created

Interviewed more than 4000 specialists

I interviewed the specialists from the largest companies in Russia, as well as more than 3,500 participants in the communities; and found out their tasks and needs in order to understand which benefits could be brought.

More than 300 hours of training on this topic was studied

I watched over 300 hours of lectures, lessons, courses, master classes and webinars to find the best practices. I usually spend about 1.5-2 hours a day on learning and searching new information.

Was structuring my practical experience for 15 years

I collected and structured all my experience for 15 years, as well as all the experience which was received from courses and conferences on this topic.

Сonsulting with the best experts in Russia

I meet up with the best experts in this industry and record the interviews to learn new techniques, secrets and approaches firsthand

My lectures were tested at the major conferences

I give lectures at the largest conferences. There I am perfectining new topics, gathering the feedback from the audience and colleagues and then transferring into trainings.

The effectiveness of practical assignments is always being tracked

I create the tasks on the basis of my experience with the co-workers and the best experience from the training programs and master classes. I select the tasks which are giving the maximum results.

I'm testing the course in online format

The course is tested several  streams in the live format and online, where I communicate with participants. The program is being modified, so there is no overload of the information

The program for a customer's task is always being improved

I am correcting the program, examples and tasks for each customer. The examples should be from the practice of employees, and the tasks are exactly what they usually have to face in their work.

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+7 (499) 191 2728
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telegram: @pmlebedev_manager

Office: st. Malaya Gruzinskaya, 52 / 34s1, office 209-2 (7 minutes walk from the Belorusskaya metro station)

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